Australian Agricultural Nutrition Consulting

Feedlot and Pastoral Beef Cattle / Beef Supply Chains

1.) Animal sourcing, logistics & live exporting

  • Advice on animal selection and procurement
  • Advice on live export protocols and logistics
  • Assistance in sourcing of animals from all states of Australia, Ireland or other countries, according to international export protocols
  • Assistance in the supply of semen and embryos


2.) Nutritional Services

  • Ration formulation and pastoral nutritional management
  • Feed commodity selection, quality assurance, handling, processing and storage
  • Forage crop management advice
  • Silage production, storage and management
  • Selection of feed mixing and handling equipment
  • Nutritional audits
  • Performance evaluation and computer simulation of performance, using NRC and specially developed in house modeling programs.
  • Gross margin analysis
  • Stockfeed mill least cost diet formulation and commodity purchasing advice
  • Feed process engineering - pellet manufacture, high moisture grains, feed sterilisation and grain processing
  • Specialist feed processing, including protein and lipid (fat) protection technologies 

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3.) Veterinary Management Services

  • Comprehensive health management advisory service including live export and transportation of sheep and cattle
  • Advice on the sourcing and supply of veterinary pharmaceuticals, including vaccines, parasitides and approved feed additives, together with advice on their usage and application
  • Biosecurity plan development and comprehensive implementation in accordance with EU and relevant government regulations
  • Monitoring of herd health, including epidemiological studies
  • Advice on best practice animal welfare strategies


4.) Project Management - Feedlots and Meat Processing Plants

  • Feedlot design and construction advice including compliance with local government and environmental regulations
  • Meat processing plants - design & construction advice; quality assurance
  • Meat by product processing plants including hide, offal and meat and bone meal production
  • Feasibility studies and financial modelling including Information Technology (IT) and Executive Management System (EMS) support
  • Commissioning of new projects
  • Comprehensive economic analysis and investment advice, business plans and financial modelling for banking and investment purposes


5.) Marketing and Supply Chain Management

  • Complete supply chain supporting services, including marketing and management advice and supply chain audits.  This includes analysis of product mix, margin mix analysis and maximum profit analysis
  • Retail product value adding, packaging and marketing - to supermarket, hotel and restaurant trades
  • Traceability systems


6.) Quality Management and Auditing Services

  • Feedlots, Abattoirs, Slaughterhouses, By Product plants, Further processing plants, Value adding factories
  • Stockfeed mills
  • QA Manual / HACCP Plan / Traceability/ Biosecurity Plan development and auditing
  • Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions, Staff Training and auditing
  • Plant hygiene standards and auditing
  • Storage and handling of chemicals
  • QA programs for companies seeking export approval for European Union or other countries


7.) Environmental Management Plans & Project Development Applications

  • Environmental Management Plans; Site Based Management Plans
  • Project Development Applications - in accordance with regulatory authority requirements
  • Site selection feasibility studies, soil type suitability, ground water impact assessment, receptor analysis, feed supply, market access, biosecurity provisions
  • Design of effluent and waste water management systems
  • Options for best practice utilisation and disposal of effluent, waste water and solid wastes
  • Soil profile, groundwater and surface water nutrient monitoring