Australian Agricultural Nutrition Consulting

Company History

Australian Agricultural Nutrition and Consulting (AANC) was formed in 1990 by Dr John Rich to provide a range of  agribusiness support services to the food industry.  The company initially provided consultancy services to the beef and lamb feedlot and processing industry in Australia, extending its range of services to South East Asia in 1995.

In the mid 1990s AANC supported the expansion of AustAsia - Santori in Indonesia.  This led to the development of innovative beef and dairy businesses in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and China.  John Rich was one of the founding shareholders of this group.  AANC subsequently formed a joint venture consulting company with OSI International Foods (ANOSI).  ANOSI specialised in providing fully integrated marketing, supply chain management and audit services to OSI related companies and clients, including McDonalds Corporation.

More recently AANC provides assistance, diagnostic and consulting services and biosecurity audits to companies in Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia, SE Asia, China, Eastern Europe, Middle East and South America.  The company has expanded into poultry and pork  support services with the appointment of four senior highly experienced consultants.  Our consultants specialise in nutrition, processing, veterinary science, livestock management and biosecurity. 

AANC is an International Finance Corporation (IFC) consultancy provider and has been engaged in numerous projects for the IFC since 2004. 

In 2006 the company opened an office in Istanbul, Turkey to service Eastern European, Middle East and Central Asian countries.