Australian Agricultural Nutrition Consulting

Sheep Meat Operations / Lamb and Mutton Supply Chains

1.) Animal sourcing, logistics 

  • Animal selection & procurement advice
  • Live export protocol assistance 
  • Full shipping logistics to the Middle East and other destinations
  • Sheep sourced from all states of Australia according to international export protocols
  • Supply of sheep handling equipment, veterinary supplies, semen and embryos by arrangement



2.) Nutritional Services

  • Pasture management and feedlot ration formulation
  • Feed commodity selection, quality assurance, handling, processing & storage
  • Forage crop management advice
  • Silage production, storage & management
  • Selection of feed mixing & handling equipment for intensive sheep and lamb operations
  • Nutritional audits
  • Performance evaluation and computer simulation of performance using modeling programs
  • Gross margin analysis
  • Stockfeed mill  – Least cost diet formulation & commodity purchasing advice
  • Feed process engineering - pellet manufacture, high moisture grains, feed sterilisation
  • Specialist feed processing, including protein and fat protection technologies

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3.) Veterinary Management Services

  • Comprehensive health management advisory service
  • Sourcing and supply of veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines, antiparasitides and approved feed additives
  • Advice on strategic worm control and vaccination schedules
  • Biosecurity plan development and implemenation in accordance with EU and other relevant government veterinary services
  • Monitoring of herd health, including epidemiological studies
  • Advice on best practice animal welfare strategies following EU guidelines
  • Fly strike control alternatives to muelsing

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4.) Project Management – Lamb Feedlots and Meat Processing Plants.

  • Lamb feedlot design & construction advice in compliance with local government and environmental regulations
  • Meat processing plants - design & construction and full management advisory services
  • Feasibility studies and financial modelling
  • Commissioning of new projects
  • Economic analysis and financial advisory service


5.) Marketing and Supply Chain Management

  • Complete supply chain support services for lamb and mutton companies, including marketing and management advice and supply chain audits. This includes analysis of product mix, margin mix analysis and maximum profit analysis.
  • Retail product value adding, packaging & marketing – lamb and mutton to supermarket, hotel & restaurant trades (HORICA)


6.) Quality Management and Auditing Services

  • Feedlots, abattoirs, slaughterhouses, meat processing plants
  • Stockfeed mills
  • QA Manual / HACCP Plan / Biosecurity Plan development and auditing
  • Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions, staff training and auditing
  • Plant hygiene standards and auditing
  • QA programs for companies seeking export approval for other countries

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7.) Environmental Management Plans & Project Development Applications

  • Environmental management plans
  • Site based management plans
  • Project development applications - in accordance with regulatory authority requirements
  • Site selection feasibility studies, soil type suitability, ground water impact assessment, receptor analysis, feed supply, market access, biosecurity provisions
  • Design of effluent & waste water management systems
  • Options for best practice utilisation and disposal of effluent, waste water and solid wastes
  • Soil profile, groundwater and surface water nutrient monitoring