Australian Agricultural Nutrition Consulting

Animal Welfare

AANC Animal Welfare Statement

AANC is committed to animal welfare and this is reflected throughout all our international agribusiness consulting operations.

AANC is committed to conducting its consultancy projects in a way that upholds the core animal welfare freedoms, irrespective of the country in which it operates. Our committment ensures we react to growing animal welfare concerns in a highly responsible manner and  is an integral part of our philosophy.

Animal welfare may be defined as the physical and psychological well being of non human animals, in all parts of the world. AANC believes that human beings have a moral responsibility to ensure the welfare of animals, particulary in intensive industry. The term welfare encompasses all aspects of animal health and well being; including well balanced available nutrition, housing and management, disease prevention and rapid treatment, population control, habitat management, prevention of cruelty, humane handling and where necessary humane slaughter.

Animal welfare is based on the “Five Freedoms of Animals” defined in 1983 as being freedom from:
  1. Thirst, hunger and malnutrition
  2. Discomfort; both thermal and physical
  3. Pain, injury, disease and functional impairment
  4. Anxiety, fear and distress
  5. Expression of abnormal behaviour i.e the ability to express normal patterns of behaviour

AANC fulfills its commitment to animal welfare by:

  • Adopting company policy that aims to ensure amongst all consultancy clients that animals are managed in a sensitive manner to assure their health and comfort. We also aim to ensure compliance with all national and international animal welfare regulations  and the implementation of industry best practice.
  • Promoting animal welfare responsibility amongst the companies and individuals with which we work, irrespective of their nationality.
  • Aiming to ensure that suppliers of animals to client operations agree to comply with relevant animal welfare regulations.
  • Ensuring an AANC veterinarian is available at all times for any animal health issues that may arise in the course of consultancy project work.
  • Promoting excellent stockmanship which is fundamental to psychological well being
  • Regularly reviewing all agribusiness consulting operations, and identifying and  implementing opportunities for improvement in our animal welfare performance.
  • Clearly communicating AANC's animal welfare policy and practices to interested parties.

John Clifford Rich, BVSc BSc (Vet) MRCVS MACVSc AABP
Principal and Chief Executive Officer
AANC Pty Ltd
1 July 1990