Australian Agricultural Nutrition Consulting


AANC PTY LTD is an international consulting resource management company, specialising in agribusiness. We currently employ 15 highly experienced consultants for a wide range of food and animal production projects throughout the world. AANC consultants are located in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Turkey and Russia.

AANC is an International Finance Corporation (IFC) and World Bank consultancy provider. We have been regularly engaged on a broad range of projects predominantly involving financial assessment, evaluation of livestock productive performance, analysis of processing plant efficiency and whole farm biosecurity plan development.

The company has extensive experience throughout South-East and Central Asia, Turkey, Russia, the Ukraine, Eastern Europe and China.

 Specialist services offered  by AANC include:

  • A comprehensive range of advisory services for food supply chain operations including: beef and lamb feedlots, intensive dairies, poultry integrations,  piggeries, abattoirs, meat and dairy processing plants and the retail and food service sectors
  • Full supply chain project management, involving long term provision of specialist consultants if required
  • International accreditation and development of biosecurity, food safety, quality assurance and HACCP plans
  • Management training and development of standard operating procedures and work instructions
  • Animal nutrition programs, including least-cost feed formulation and feed commodity purchasing advice
  • Veterinary health management, including supply of veterinary pharmaceuticals
  • Livestock sourcing, live export management and follow-up support for importing countries
  • Crop, forage and silage production and management, fertiliser and agronomic consulting services 
  • Processing plant procedures and efficiency analysis 
  • Detailed auditing and business assessment, including business plan development
  • Fully integrated business and financial models
  • Feasibility studies and development applications
  • Environmental and site-based management plans